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I am a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. My work covers a broad spectrum of styles, instruments and live-electronics. Based in Malmö/Copenhagen my main work is within the groups Lur, Faela, Nuaia, Helt Off and The Madmans Moustache. I also compose, record and perform live-music for theatre, contemporary dance, circus and performence art.




During a year I´ve been working on a solo set with synths, live electronics and midi-controlled light bulbs and 2017 I´m open for booking requests.

Music in between lush soundscapes, cinematic harmonies and heavy rhythmic structures.

I´m in the middle of music making and sound designing for SAVN. Premiere in Copenhagen 15/11!


LUR are really happy to present our music in “Svea Rikes Lag” at Teater 23 in Malmoe!


I´m really proud of composing the music and making the sound design for Cikaros “The Balance”. Premiere in June 2017!

The Balance poster

Germany tour coming up!

Skärmavbild 2017-04-24 kl. 14.04.26


Photo: Joanna Zadroga

Solo gigs coming up this spring:

25/2 @ Loppen, Copenhagen

23/3 @ Science & Coctails, Copenhagen

A little video from my solo session @ Kafé Deluxe, Växjö:


Upcoming gig at Tredje Dynastin:


New release from Albin & Mika, December 2016. Get your own tape here:



A little glimpse from our China tour with LUR earlier this year:


Written about the Faela album “Por el Mundo” I recorded and produced:  

“Hela skivan är oerhört detaljrik och välproducerad, med ett myller av slagverk, snygga trombonriff, baktaktsgitarrer, klaviaturer och förstås Hugo Coronels röst längst fram. Lyssningsvärt!”

– Rasmus Klockljung, Lira, 2016


Rehearsals from Albin & Mika!

Faela Release tour coming up:



We´re so happy taking to China with LUR:




New live video from our performance with Lur at Fusion festival last year.


Gigs coming up this summer:

08. June, LUR @ 上海 – ONstage, Shanghai

09. June, LUR @ 苏州 – MIDI Electromusic Festival, Suzhou

10. June, LUR @ 宁波 – Ad Lib Club,  Ningbo

11. June, LUR @ 温州 – QR Club, Wenzhou

12. June, LUR @ 北京 – Yugong Yishan Live House, Beijing

15. June, LUR @ 香格里拉 – The Raven, Xianggelila

16. June, LUR @ 昆明 – D.T Live House, Kunming

17. June, LUR @ 西安 – Spirit Festival, Xi´an

18. June, LUR @ 重庆 – MAO Live House, Chongqing

19. June, LUR @ 武汉 – Toucan Festival, Wuhan

21. June, LUR @ 三亚 – Nan Tower Live House, Sanya

23. June, LUR @ 深圳 – B10 Performance Palace, Shenzhen

24. June, LUR @ 台北 – Pipe Live House, Taipei

30. June, LUR @ Fusion Festival, Lärz, Germany

30. June, FAELA @ Fusion Festival, Lärz, Germany

2. July, FAELA @ Latino Festival, Malmoe, Sweden

5. July, NUAIA @ Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Denmark

7. July, HELT OFF @ Öland Roots, Sweden

17. July, LUR @ Sommarscen, Malmoe, Sweden

21. July, FAELA @ Pflasterspektakel, Linz, Austria

22. July, FAELA @ Pflasterspektakel, Linz, Austria

23. July, FAELA @ Pflasterspektakel, Linz, Austria

25. July, FAELA @ Villach, Austria

26. July, FAELA @ Villach, Austria

29. July, FAELA @ Jazzdock, Prague,

30. July, FAELA @ Wismar, Germany

1. August, Taking Space #5 @ Passage Festival, Helsingor, Denmark

5. August, LUR @ Passage Festival, Helsingborg, Sweden

6. August, LUR @ Vogelball, Hamburg, Germany

10. August, Albin & Mika @ Far i Hatten, Malmoe, Sweden

15. August, HELT OFF @ Mosebacke, Stockholm, Sweden

21. August, Nuaia @ Mälsåkers Slott, Sweden

27. August, LUR @ Stora Teatern, Gothenburg, Sweden


I´m producing, recording and mixing the new Faela album. It´s gonna be released in Autumn 2016 so stay tuned for more info.

Por el mundo

Live video from Faela from Folkets Bar in Malmö earlier this winter:



Here´s a video, made by Simon Klang, from my collaboration with Lilliane Chlela (LBN) during FUTURE LEGENDS earlier this spring.

Helt Off will go on scandinavian tour this autumn:

13/11 – Malmö, KB
14/11 – Oslo, John Dee
20/11 – Lund, Mejeriet 
21/11 – Helsingborg, Tivoli
25/11 – Stockholm, Nobelberget
26/11 – Uppsala, Katalin
27/11 – Köpenhamn, Loppen 


Live video with Nuaia from our release this spring:

One of my songs for the Berlin Circus Festival trailer 2015:

Here´s some picts when we ended Malmöfestivalen with Helt Off: http://www.sydsvenskan.se/malmo/malmofestivalen/bildextra-helt-off-avslutade-festivalen/

The trailer for Tanter- Vixen with my music.

Gigs summer 2015:

6/5   Nuaia, Viktoria, Malmö, Sweden
8/5   Nuaia, Christianhavns Beboerhus, CPH, Denmark
22/5 Madmans Moustasche, Kafe Déluxe, Växjö, Sweden
23/5 Madmans Moustasche, Far i Hatten, Malmö, Sweden
29/5 Nuaia, Jazzriksdagen, Sandviken, Sweden
30/5 Faela, Glasklart, Malmoe, Sweden
31/5 Nuaia, Bengans, GBG, Sweden
13/6 Faela, Majowka w Jezych, Jezyce, Polan
14/6 Faela, Baltic Tall Ships Regatta, Szczecin, Polan
23/6 Faela, Islands Brygge kulturhus, Denmark
25/6 LUR, Fusion Festival, Germany
26/6 Faela, Västerås city festival, Sweden
27/6 Faela, Stortorget, Norberg, Sweden
8/7   Helt Off, Göteborg, Sweden
11/7  Helt Off, Öland Roots, Sweden
17/7  Faela, Peace Mauntin Open Air, Zürich, CH
18/7  Faela, Ottensheim Open air, Linz, Austria
20/7  Faela, Villach, Austria
21/7  Faela, Villach, Austria
1/7    LUR, Karavan, Sommarscen, Malmö, SE
2/7   LUR, Karavan, Sommarscen, Malmö, SE
3/8   Faela, Tivoli, Köpenhamn, DK
16/8 kl 21 LUR, Malmöfestivalen, SE
16/8 kl 19 LUR, Malmöfestivalen, SE
21/8  Helt Off, Ending akt Malmöfestivalen, SE
22/8  Cirkeln, Momentum, Roskilde, DK
28/8  LUR, Malmö Live, SE
28/8   Nuaia, Malmö Live, SE
3-5/9  Faela Pflasterzauber, Hildesheim, DE
18-20/9 Faela, Stadtspektakel, Landshut, DE



Spring 2015

We´ll release our 2nd album “belong to the moon”(BoogiePost Recordings) with Nuaia the 29th of april.



I´m making music and sound design for the conteporary circus piece Vixen, company: Tanter, director: Anika Barkan.




The 11th of april I´m performing a new pieace with fantastic Liliane Chlela(LB) on electronics and guitars. During a ten days recidency we´re going to work at Inter Arts Center, Malmö making a new performance for FUTURE LEGENDS, performed at Paladium in Malmö.




One video from the Lur-tour:

Lur are going on tour, here’s our upcoming tour plan:

25/3- Panke, Berlin,https://www.facebook.com/events/1567810433498375/

26/3- Freundlich und Kompetent, Hamburg,https://www.facebook.com/freundlichundkompetent/photos/a.394138783921.176017.42506688921/10152847092923922/?type=1



Winter 2014:

In February, Lur are going to Havanna to compose music and make soundesign for Crisálida. A contemporary dance piece performed by Teatro de Tanzo de Retazos(Cuba), coreographed by Miguel Azcue(Memory Wax).


Lur are composing music and making sound design for “Kaninkraschen”, Teater 23, Malmö


Autum 2014:

Video from an Taking Space #4, Modvaegt. Concept and staging: Esther Wrobel, music by me.

Summer 2014:

New release with me and Maiken Bruun Aamodt´s duo Mike Amica: 

I´m really happy to announce that we gonna support Bob Dylan, with Sylvester Schlegel, during his concerts in Sweden this summer.

Gigs this summer.

17/8 Faela, Halmstad, Sweden

16/8 Lur Balkongfesten, Gävle Teater, Gävle

15/8 Lur Inspirationsfestival, Skattungbyn

13/8 Lur Landet, Stockholm

2/8 Lur, Sjönevadfestivalen, Sweden

21-22/7 Faela, Villach, Austria

17-20/7 Faela, Pflasterspektakel, Linz, Austria

15/7 Sylvester Schlegel, Support for Bob Dylan, Gothenborg

14/7 Sylvester Schlegel, Support for Bob Dylan, Helsingborg

6/7 Sylvester Schlegel, Killebomfestivalen, Sölvesborg

26/6 Lur, Fusionfestival, Germany

21/6 Lur, Republique, Copenhagen

13-15/6 Faela, Merano. Italy

30/5 Faela, Öresundsfestivalen, Malmö

30/5 Sylvester Schlegel, Öresundsfestivalen, Malmö


Spring 2014:

10/4 Faela at Kristianstad Konserthus, review here

A Faela-tour in Germany is coming up later this spring. For tourdates please visit Maestro Music 

5/4 Faela will perform at Wax & Gold, Debaser, Strand, Stockholm.

28/3 Composing and performing live-electronic music to the circus cabare: “Bulgakovs Table“, PB43, Copenhagen


Winter 2013/2014:

Nuaia is now in the middle of recording our second album. Yeah..


Faela is going to Argentina in february 2014.


LUR releases a new livelooping performence in november 2013:

LUR teaser:

LUR live-video:


Autumn 2013

Lur performing with the dance company Memory Wax at the opening of Matti Kallioinens sculpture “Spectral Self Container” in Malmö. Watch video here: http://video.malmo.se/?bctid=2749306861001


Spring 2013

  • Lur are going to Cuba in the end of may to participate in “Transitos Habana“, an festival for contemporary dance .


Winter 2012/13

  • 25/2- In mars Faela will release the album Conmigo with a following release tour in Europe and Sweden. Check my live-page for more info.
  • 25/2-New EP out with Lur. Listen to, buy or download From The Stars here:




  • 14/2-Visting my old school Katedralskolan Växjö talking about my life as a musician.



  • 23/1 2013. Review from our latest tour with Lur and Hans Appelqvist:


Gefle Dagblad

Our new video with Lur, live from Kater Hozig, Berlin 10/11-12:

A little greeting from the studio with The Madmans Moustache:

During spring 2013 we will release new albums with both Faela and The Madmans Moustache. Faela release-tour comming up in mars. For more info visit: http://www.maestromusic.se/ 


Autum 2012

  • I also got a work-scholarship from Konstnärsnämnden 2012.


Two new livevideos with Nuaia:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLpSkIB5sXM&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EY3zSoCpmiM&feature=relmfu