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I am a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. My work covers a broad spectrum of styles, instruments and live-electronics. Based in Malmö/Copenhagen my main work is within the groups LUR, Faela, Nuaia, Helt Off and The Madmans Moustache. I also compose, record and perform live-music for theatre, contemporary dance, circus and performence art.



Now you’ll find some music I composed and recorded for the grand opening of BLOX in Copenhagen on Soundcloud. Composed for Sparrow Dance and viola by Elina Nygren.

Me and Albin go on Germany tour in May!

Albin&Mika Flyer 3018

New video trailer for LUR – Distorting Patterns!

Here´s some amazing picts by Jonas Persson from our premier with LUR.

lur_39558467905_o lur_40431842302_o



A little sequence on Perfourmer and CR-78!

I´ve made music and sound design for the contemporary circus “Omvendt”. Premier in Feb 2018!


Albin & Mika are performing at Eter Festival in Lund:


During a year I´ve been working on a solo set with synths, live electronics and midi-controlled light bulbs and 2018 I´m open for booking requests.

Music in between lush soundscapes, cinematic harmonies and heavy rhythmic structures.


I´m in the middle of music making and sound designing for SAVN. Premiere in Copenhagen 2017.11.15!


LUR are really happy to present our music in “Svea Rikes Lag” at Teater 23 in Malmoe!


I´m really proud of composing the music and making the sound design for Cikaros “The Balance”. Premiere in June 2017!

The Balance poster

Germany tour coming up!

Skärmavbild 2017-04-24 kl. 14.04.26


Photo: Joanna Zadroga

Solo gigs coming up this spring:

25/2 @ Loppen, Copenhagen

23/3 @ Science & Coctails, Copenhagen

A little video from my solo session @ Kafé Deluxe, Växjö:


Upcoming gig at Tredje Dynastin:


New release from Albin & Mika, December 2016. Get your own tape here:



A little glimpse from our China tour with LUR earlier this year:


Written about the Faela album “Por el Mundo” I recorded and produced:  

“Hela skivan är oerhört detaljrik och välproducerad, med ett myller av slagverk, snygga trombonriff, baktaktsgitarrer, klaviaturer och förstås Hugo Coronels röst längst fram. Lyssningsvärt!”

– Rasmus Klockljung, Lira, 2016


Rehearsals from Albin & Mika!

Faela Release tour coming up:



We´re so happy taking to China with LUR:




New live video from our performance with Lur at Fusion festival last year.


Gigs coming up this summer:

08. June, LUR @ 上海 – ONstage, Shanghai

09. June, LUR @ 苏州 – MIDI Electromusic Festival, Suzhou

10. June, LUR @ 宁波 – Ad Lib Club,  Ningbo

11. June, LUR @ 温州 – QR Club, Wenzhou

12. June, LUR @ 北京 – Yugong Yishan Live House, Beijing

15. June, LUR @ 香格里拉 – The Raven, Xianggelila

16. June, LUR @ 昆明 – D.T Live House, Kunming

17. June, LUR @ 西安 – Spirit Festival, Xi´an

18. June, LUR @ 重庆 – MAO Live House, Chongqing

19. June, LUR @ 武汉 – Toucan Festival, Wuhan

21. June, LUR @ 三亚 – Nan Tower Live House, Sanya

23. June, LUR @ 深圳 – B10 Performance Palace, Shenzhen

24. June, LUR @ 台北 – Pipe Live House, Taipei

30. June, LUR @ Fusion Festival, Lärz, Germany

30. June, FAELA @ Fusion Festival, Lärz, Germany

2. July, FAELA @ Latino Festival, Malmoe, Sweden

5. July, NUAIA @ Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Denmark

7. July, HELT OFF @ Öland Roots, Sweden

17. July, LUR @ Sommarscen, Malmoe, Sweden

21. July, FAELA @ Pflasterspektakel, Linz, Austria

22. July, FAELA @ Pflasterspektakel, Linz, Austria

23. July, FAELA @ Pflasterspektakel, Linz, Austria

25. July, FAELA @ Villach, Austria

26. July, FAELA @ Villach, Austria

29. July, FAELA @ Jazzdock, Prague,

30. July, FAELA @ Wismar, Germany

1. August, Taking Space #5 @ Passage Festival, Helsingor, Denmark

5. August, LUR @ Passage Festival, Helsingborg, Sweden

6. August, LUR @ Vogelball, Hamburg, Germany

10. August, Albin & Mika @ Far i Hatten, Malmoe, Sweden

15. August, HELT OFF @ Mosebacke, Stockholm, Sweden

21. August, Nuaia @ Mälsåkers Slott, Sweden

27. August, LUR @ Stora Teatern, Gothenburg, Sweden


I´m producing, recording and mixing the new Faela album. It´s gonna be released in Autumn 2016 so stay tuned for more info.

Por el mundo

Live video from Faela from Folkets Bar in Malmö earlier this winter:



Here´s a video, made by Simon Klang, from my collaboration with Lilliane Chlela (LBN) during FUTURE LEGENDS earlier this spring.

Helt Off will go on scandinavian tour this autumn:

13/11 – Malmö, KB
14/11 – Oslo, John Dee
20/11 – Lund, Mejeriet 
21/11 – Helsingborg, Tivoli
25/11 – Stockholm, Nobelberget
26/11 – Uppsala, Katalin
27/11 – Köpenhamn, Loppen 


Live video with Nuaia from our release this spring:

One of my songs for the Berlin Circus Festival trailer 2015:

Here´s some picts when we ended Malmöfestivalen with Helt Off: http://www.sydsvenskan.se/malmo/malmofestivalen/bildextra-helt-off-avslutade-festivalen/

The trailer for Tanter- Vixen with my music.

Gigs summer 2015:

6/5   Nuaia, Viktoria, Malmö, Sweden
8/5   Nuaia, Christianhavns Beboerhus, CPH, Denmark
22/5 Madmans Moustasche, Kafe Déluxe, Växjö, Sweden
23/5 Madmans Moustasche, Far i Hatten, Malmö, Sweden
29/5 Nuaia, Jazzriksdagen, Sandviken, Sweden
30/5 Faela, Glasklart, Malmoe, Sweden
31/5 Nuaia, Bengans, GBG, Sweden
13/6 Faela, Majowka w Jezych, Jezyce, Polan
14/6 Faela, Baltic Tall Ships Regatta, Szczecin, Polan
23/6 Faela, Islands Brygge kulturhus, Denmark
25/6 LUR, Fusion Festival, Germany
26/6 Faela, Västerås city festival, Sweden
27/6 Faela, Stortorget, Norberg, Sweden
8/7   Helt Off, Göteborg, Sweden
11/7  Helt Off, Öland Roots, Sweden
17/7  Faela, Peace Mauntin Open Air, Zürich, CH
18/7  Faela, Ottensheim Open air, Linz, Austria
20/7  Faela, Villach, Austria
21/7  Faela, Villach, Austria
1/7    LUR, Karavan, Sommarscen, Malmö, SE
2/7   LUR, Karavan, Sommarscen, Malmö, SE
3/8   Faela, Tivoli, Köpenhamn, DK
16/8 kl 21 LUR, Malmöfestivalen, SE
16/8 kl 19 LUR, Malmöfestivalen, SE
21/8  Helt Off, Ending akt Malmöfestivalen, SE
22/8  Cirkeln, Momentum, Roskilde, DK
28/8  LUR, Malmö Live, SE
28/8   Nuaia, Malmö Live, SE
3-5/9  Faela Pflasterzauber, Hildesheim, DE
18-20/9 Faela, Stadtspektakel, Landshut, DE



Spring 2015

We´ll release our 2nd album “belong to the moon”(BoogiePost Recordings) with Nuaia the 29th of april.



I´m making music and sound design for the conteporary circus piece Vixen, company: Tanter, director: Anika Barkan.




The 11th of april I´m performing a new pieace with fantastic Liliane Chlela(LB) on electronics and guitars. During a ten days recidency we´re going to work at Inter Arts Center, Malmö making a new performance for FUTURE LEGENDS, performed at Paladium in Malmö.




One video from the Lur-tour:

Lur are going on tour, here’s our upcoming tour plan:

25/3- Panke, Berlin,https://www.facebook.com/events/1567810433498375/

26/3- Freundlich und Kompetent, Hamburg,https://www.facebook.com/freundlichundkompetent/photos/a.394138783921.176017.42506688921/10152847092923922/?type=1



Winter 2014:

In February, Lur are going to Havanna to compose music and make soundesign for Crisálida. A contemporary dance piece performed by Teatro de Tanzo de Retazos(Cuba), coreographed by Miguel Azcue(Memory Wax).


Lur are composing music and making sound design for “Kaninkraschen”, Teater 23, Malmö


Autum 2014:

Video from an Taking Space #4, Modvaegt. Concept and staging: Esther Wrobel, music by me.

Summer 2014:

New release with me and Maiken Bruun Aamodt´s duo Mike Amica: 

I´m really happy to announce that we gonna support Bob Dylan, with Sylvester Schlegel, during his concerts in Sweden this summer.

Gigs this summer.

17/8 Faela, Halmstad, Sweden

16/8 Lur Balkongfesten, Gävle Teater, Gävle

15/8 Lur Inspirationsfestival, Skattungbyn

13/8 Lur Landet, Stockholm

2/8 Lur, Sjönevadfestivalen, Sweden

21-22/7 Faela, Villach, Austria

17-20/7 Faela, Pflasterspektakel, Linz, Austria

15/7 Sylvester Schlegel, Support for Bob Dylan, Gothenborg

14/7 Sylvester Schlegel, Support for Bob Dylan, Helsingborg

6/7 Sylvester Schlegel, Killebomfestivalen, Sölvesborg

26/6 Lur, Fusionfestival, Germany

21/6 Lur, Republique, Copenhagen

13-15/6 Faela, Merano. Italy

30/5 Faela, Öresundsfestivalen, Malmö

30/5 Sylvester Schlegel, Öresundsfestivalen, Malmö


Spring 2014:

10/4 Faela at Kristianstad Konserthus, review here

A Faela-tour in Germany is coming up later this spring. For tourdates please visit Maestro Music 

5/4 Faela will perform at Wax & Gold, Debaser, Strand, Stockholm.

28/3 Composing and performing live-electronic music to the circus cabare: “Bulgakovs Table“, PB43, Copenhagen


Winter 2013/2014:

Nuaia is now in the middle of recording our second album. Yeah..


Faela is going to Argentina in february 2014.


LUR releases a new livelooping performence in november 2013:

LUR teaser:

LUR live-video:


Autumn 2013

Lur performing with the dance company Memory Wax at the opening of Matti Kallioinens sculpture “Spectral Self Container” in Malmö. Watch video here: http://video.malmo.se/?bctid=2749306861001


Spring 2013

  • Lur are going to Cuba in the end of may to participate in “Transitos Habana“, an festival for contemporary dance .


Winter 2012/13

  • 25/2- In mars Faela will release the album Conmigo with a following release tour in Europe and Sweden. Check my live-page for more info.
  • 25/2-New EP out with Lur. Listen to, buy or download From The Stars here:




  • 14/2-Visting my old school Katedralskolan Växjö talking about my life as a musician.



  • 23/1 2013. Review from our latest tour with Lur and Hans Appelqvist:


Gefle Dagblad

Our new video with Lur, live from Kater Hozig, Berlin 10/11-12:

A little greeting from the studio with The Madmans Moustache:

During spring 2013 we will release new albums with both Faela and The Madmans Moustache. Faela release-tour comming up in mars. For more info visit: http://www.maestromusic.se/ 


Autum 2012

  • I also got a work-scholarship from Konstnärsnämnden 2012.


Two new livevideos with Nuaia:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLpSkIB5sXM&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EY3zSoCpmiM&feature=relmfu