The electric guitar is my main instrument. I have been playing the guitar since I was 11 years old and I graduated at the Music-conservatory in Malmö 2011. I´ve been playing within a lot of different styles but I always try hard to keep my personal expression in the music I´m performing.


I´ve always been using a lot of guitar-effects in my work. At first I only used the effects to change the timber on different instruments and vocals, but a bigger interest led to a wider work with electronics. Right now I´m working a lot with livelooping, effects, samplers, no input mixer, midi and synthguitars.

Other instruments:

One good way for me not to get stuck into one kind of music has been to play as many different isntruments as possible. Some of the other instrumens I play live and on recordings are: Saw, Drums, Acordion, Madolin, Charango, Cavaquinho, Synths, Qchord, Chord-zither, Zither, Tenori-on,

Projects, composition and recordings:


  • Composition and Livemusic for cirkus with Lur: Pavlos Hundar, Grå Hal, Copenhagen
  • Scholarship: Arbetsstipendium inom musik, Konstnärsnämnden.


  • Composition and Livemusic with Lur for the magicshow Malin & Zink m. Lur, Karavan, Malmö
  • Guitar and arrengements. Faela releases the CD ”Camina”.


  • Composition and livemusic, cirkus. “Last Wish Cabare”, Karavan, Malmö.
  • Guitar, Acordion, musicperformence, “La Rue de Silence”, Inkonst Malmö
  • Composition and Livemusic with Lur, Boarderline– skate, dance and music show.
  • Composition and livemusic, cirkus. “Sömnlösa Sparvar”, Karavan, Malmö.


  • Guitar and arrengements on the EP Moa Lina Croall.
  • Guitar, the musicall “Hotell Duvil” By Teater utan hund (Barnens scen,Malmö)
  • My old band Jormahuset,releases the EP “Jormahuset”.


Bands I´ve been playing with: 

Tummel, Steso Songs, Mattis, Moa-Lina Croall, Monoton, Sin Alma, Jormahuset, Cargo, Five twenty five,