about me


The electric guitar:

Born in 1981 I grew up in a family with a lot of music and art. During my childhood I was always surrounded by a lot of different instruments and at the age of 8 I started to play the acustic guitar. At the age of 9 I started with the classical violin but the constraint of reading music and the pretty stiff approach to music didn´t fit me to well. Two years later, at the age of 11, my bigger brother showed me the electric guitar and all pieces fall into place. This was an instrument with many different sounds and I didn´t needed to be a genius to play songs on it. The electric guitar became my main instrument and I graduated from Malmö Music Academy in 2011. I´ve been playing within a lot of different styles but I always try hard to keep my personal expression in the music I´m performing.


I´ve always been using a lot of guitar-effects in my work. At first I only used the effects to change the timber on different instruments and vocals, but a bigger interest led to a wider work with electronics. Right now I´m working a lot with livelooping, effects, samplers, no input mixer, midi and synthguitars.

Other instruments:

One good way for me not to get stuck into one kind of music has been to play as many different isntruments as possible. Some of the other instrumens I play live and on recordings are: Saw, Drums, Acordion, Madolin, Charango, Cavaquinho, Synths, Qchord, Chord-zither, Zither, Tenori-on,