2005-2011: Malmö Music Academy
2004-2005: Music collage, Sundsgårdens folkhögskola, Helsingborg
2003-2004: Musicology at the University of Lund
2001-2002: Music collage, Sommenbyggden folkhögskola, Tranås


Music scholarship distributed by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee 2016

Music scholarship distributed by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee 2012

Scholarship for artistic development distributed by the City of Malmö 2012


2016 Albin & Mika – Psuedo solo session (Zeon Light Cassette)

2016 Faela-Por el Mundo (Flowfish records)

2015 Helt Off– Riktig riktig

2015 Madmans Moustache-Madmans Moustache(Gramofonbolaget Deluxe)

2015 Nuaia– Belong to the moon(boogipost recordings)

2013 Helt Off– Sakta i Backarna

2013 Faela-Conmigo (Flowfish records)

2011 Faela– Camina (Flowfish records)

2009 Nuaia– Nuaia (boogiepost recordings)

2009 Faela– Faela (Flowfish records)

Projects, composition and recordings:


  • Composition and live music for “Taking Space #5”, Aireal dance, Helsingor
  • Composition and sound design: “Svea Rikes Lag“, Teater 23, Malmoe.
  • Composition and sound design: Cikaros, “The Balance“.
  • Composition and live music: ”Grand opening, Tin Can Company”, Odeon, Odense
  • Composition, sound design and live music: ”Efterträdare”, Karavan, Malmoe


  • Composition and live music for “Taking Space #5”, Aireal dance, Helsingor
  • Recording and producing the album “Faela– Por el mundo” 2015


  • Composition and sound design, contemporary circus: Karavan at Sommarscen, Malmö
  • Nuaia releases the album “belong to the moon“, BoogiePost recordings.
  • Music composition and sound design for “Vixen“, a contemporary circus piece. Company: Tanter, Direcor: Anika Barkan.
  • Recidence with Liliane Chlela from Libanon, Creating a new piece performed for “FUTURE LEGENDS”, Paladium, Malmö.
  • Music, sound design and creative workshops for the contemporary dance piece “Crisálida“. A collaboration in Havanna with Teatro Tanzo de Retazoz and Memory Wax, Coreograph: Miguel Azcue.
  • Music and sound design for theatre, “Kaninkraschen”, Teater 23, Malmö, Directed by: Gunilla Andersson


  • Composition and live music for aireal dance, “Taking Space # 4, Modvigt”, Concept and staging: Esther Wrobel
  • Music and sound design for contemporary circus/performance, “One Way”, Karavan, Malmö
  • Nuaia records their second album
  • Music composing and live performance, Bulgakovs Table, PB 43, Copenhagen
  • Faela Argentina tour


  • Lur develops a new livelooping performance with support from the City of Malmö.
  • Lur performs together with the dance company Memory Wax at the opening cermoni for the sculpture “Spectral Self Container” by Matti Kallioinen, Malmö
  • Lur performes live-electronic music to the site specific dance-performance “Parc in motion“, Malmö
  • Composition and recording for theater. Recorded music and sounddesign by Lur for the play95% är ett totalt jävla mörker, at Teater 23, Malmö
  • Lur performes at “Nordisk Panorama Awards 2013, Malmö
  • Helt Off, releases the EP “Sakta i backarna
  • Helt Off summertour 2013
  • Lur performs at “Transitos Habana“, a festival for contemporary dance, Danza Teatro Retazos, Habana
  • Faela, Conmigo release-tour 2013


  • The Madmans Moustache records their first album.
  • Faela records the album Conmigo
  • Livelooping workshops for Lindesberg komun.
  • Composition and Livemusic for cirkus with Lur: Pavlos Hundar, Grå Hal, Copenhagen
  • Composition and Livemusic for theater with Lur: Zonen, Intiman, Malmö Stadsteater
  • Composition and recording for theater. Recorded music and sounddesign by Lur, avardwinning theater “Legenden om Sally Jones”  at Teater 23, Malmö
  • Livelooping madness. Lur live in P2s Art´s Birthday, 


  • Composition and Livemusic with Lur for the magicshow Malin & Zink m. Lur, Karavan, Malmö
  • Guitar and arrengements. Faela releases the CD ”Camina”.


  • Composition and livemusic, cirkus. “Last Wish Cabare”, Karavan, Malmö.
  • Guitar, Acordion, musicperformence, “La Rue de Silence”, Inkonst Malmö
  • Composition and Livemusic with Lur, Boarderline– skate, dance and music show.
  • Composition and livemusic, cirkus. “Sömnlösa Sparvar”, Karavan, Malmö.


  • Guitar and arrengements on the EP Moa Lina Croall.
  • Guitar, the musicall “Hotell Duvil” By Teater utan hund (Barnens scen,Malmö)
  • My old band Jormahuset,releases the EP “Jormahuset”.


Bands I´ve been playing with: 

 Sylvester Schlegel, Tummel, Steso Songs, Mattis, Moa-Lina Croall, Monoton, Sin Alma, Jormahuset, Cargo, Five twenty five, Get Up & Goers.